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Monday, November 4, 2013

LOUISVILLE, KY (November 4, 2013) Last season, The U.S. Finals introduced Real Time Rankings as a fast way to release the Final Rankings for the 2013 season. Coaches, athletes and spectators loved knowing the results so soon, and this season Real Time Rankings are being enhanced to make this experience even better.  In 2014, The U.S. Finals will take Real Time Rankings a step further by introducing The Champions Challenge round of competition! 


The Overall U.S. Champions will be determined by first consolidating the first place teams from the division splits at each location. These video performances will be re-judged at the event to determine the highest scoring team. This team will then move on to the next round, The Champions Challenge!


Next, we will merge the scores of the remaining teams from all locations for our Real Time Rankings. Since the top 7 teams will be comprised of The Champions Challenge Finalists, Real Time Rankings will start with the 8th ranked team.


Following the last physical event, The Champions Challenge Finalists will be re-judged to determine The Overall U.S. Champions. The Champions Challenge process is anticipated to take about 7-10 days.  The winning teams will be rewarded with custom rings and champion pants!


Please see attached “Champions Challenge Bracket” for a visual representation.  For more information on our event locations, qualifiers and partner companies please visit us at www.TheUSFinals.com.


The U.S. Finals is a multi-brand, end-of-the-season event series aimed at crowning TRUE CHAMPIONS in all divisions and levels of cheer and dance, giving teams a chance to see where they rank against other teams in their respective divisions from coast to coast and around the world. Teams must receive a bid from a qualifier event in order to attend The U.S. Finals. Once qualified, teams are welcome to attend The U.S. Finals closest to them, or travel to an awesome destination to compete. At the end of the event series, teams from all locations are ranked against each other, and Overall Champions are crowned at the conclusion of all events in May 2014. 

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