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What To Know About Stretching
Tuesday, July 31, 2018

After the summer months of relaxing and vacations, we tend to fall out of our daily routines. Getting back into the swing of things for athletes can be difficult. One way to minimize injuries and falling behind when dancing or cheering is to constantly remain stretching. Attached are a few helpful tips to help you when stretching. 


Helpful Tips: 

  • Never stretch when your muscles are cold. Waking up and stretching is the worst time to stretch because your body hasn't been moving for hours. 
  • Have something playing in the background example music, TV, etc.  
  • Have a consistent schedule of stretching. Be sure you do not miss a day. 
  • Know your limits. When your body says stop, make sure you listen to avoid injury. 
  • Wear clothing that will stretch with you, not against you. 
  • Start small and build upon your success. 


Stretching your body is necessary. Be proactive by setting aside 20-30 minutes a day to give yourself a full stretch. Make sure that you have adequate room to move on a flat surface without too many distractions such as children and animals. Increase the difficulty of your stretches as you become more flexible to continue to challenge yourself and improve.  

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