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How to Be a Better Leader
Thursday, September 6, 2018

The role of an athlete is one of leadership. It’s of no surprise since many people look to athletes as role models and celebrity figures. As an athlete, you are automatically trusted with such responsibility. Within many settings such as classrooms, communities, and at work, athletes have the natural ability to transform the lives around them with their leadership skills.

Whether born a leader or not, many of us can learn new leadership skills or polish up what you already have. Take these tips and practice them regularly to start becoming a better leader.

  1. Be Humble. Be upfront in admitting to your mistakes. Everyone is human and no one likes a leader who constantly shoves their successes in your face.
  2. Give Grace When Needed. We all make mistakes. Be able to forgive and give grace to those who deserve it. You would be surprised with how far a little grace and understanding will go.
  3. Focus on Solutions, not Problems. Sometimes we tend to get so wrapped up in the issues blocking our success, that we can’t seem to move past it. Be the type of leader who looks at a problem to examine and discuss how to solve it-not one to just complain.
  4. Be Prepared to Do the Grunt Work. As a leader, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to help your team. Whether this means getting your hands dirty and doing some work you normally wouldn’t do. You will gain respect with your peers once you roll up your sleeves and step in when needed.

Practice integrating each habit above into your everyday life and make it your own!

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