Curriculum Your Way!

Routine Choices

Choose what you learn from a variety of genres including Hip Hop, Pom, Jazz, Kick, Lyrical, Team Routines and more! These styles come with level options from beginner to advanced. Our staff is trained to teach at all levels and paces based on your team’s specific needs.

Evaluation Options

Your dancers can receive personal and/or team evaluations from our experienced staff at the end of each camp day. The choice is up to YOU! This is a great way to receive constructive feedback as well as a great way to indentify areas for improvement.

Experience Team Bonding

Is your team in need of some team bonding exercises during long rehearsals and practices? Take part in great team bonding fun with our friendly and talented staff members.

Technical Sessions

Does your team need a little extra work on specific techniques? Let us know! We have developed technical sessions for common techniques to help your team perfect their skills while getting ready for your upcoming game or competition season.

Trophies and Awards

  • Progress & Achievement
  • Team Performances
  • Dancer of the Week 
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Invitation to Upcoming Performance Opportunities
  • Bids to AmeriDance/Eastern/STUDIO LIVE! Events

CheerSounds is the official music mix provider for the AmeriCheer Family of Brands' Summer Camps.  Check them out for your music mixes!