VIP Coaches Club

Joining Just Got More Rewarding with 4 Different Ways to Be a VIP!

How do I become a member?

Do one of the following:

  1. Attend an AmeriCheer, AmeriDance, or Eastern summer camp for three (3) consecutive years to receive Camp Rewards.
  2. Cross between two different brands during the 2018-19 competition season to receive Competition Rewards.
  3. Attend three (3) competitions from one individual brand within the 2018-19 competition season to receive Competition Rewards.
  4. Attend two (2) competitions between any AmeriCheer Family of Brands during the 2018-19 compeition season and one (1) AmeriCheer Summer Camp to receive Rewards.

What do members receive?

Status Rewards

  • VIP Coaches Club Tote filled with many goodies
  • Coaches membership pin & T-Shirt for all coaches listed on your roster
  • VIP lanyard provided at each event
  • Treat bag at each event for coaches 
  • 10% OFF Victory Wear certificate
  • Team Leader $500 uniform certificate

Camp Rewards

  • $7 OFF per athlete for a Home Camp**
  • $12 OFF per athlete for an Overnight Camp**

Event Rewards

  • 10% OFF registration per event after obtaining VIP status

New Starting 2018-2019 Season:

When obtained, VIP Status will roll over into the next year! Once you become VIP you will continue to receive all VIP rewards each season as long as you maintain the requirements each season, including 10% off each event!

NOTE: VIP status follows the program, not the coach. Once an organization discontinues VIP Coaches Club requirements, VIP status is voided. To keep VIP status active, you must participate in the Club requirements each year.

*A new team is defined as not having attended a competition since 2016-2017 season or a summer camp since 2016.

** In order to receive any VIP Coaches Club member camp discount, camps must meet the minimum amount of required participants.


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