Setting the Barre with STUDIO LIVE!

Join STUDIO LIVE! at one of our innovative dance experiences:

STUDIO LIVE! EXP - The Ultimate Feedback Experience - You will begin your experience with a Master Class led by an industry
leader. Prepare for the competition season with adjudication from professional dancers and judges in two 10-minute one-on-one
sessions. Break-down sections and/or work through skills in your performance for the ultimate experience. Receive quality
feedback to improve your performance and help prepare you to bring your best during the season. A recognition ceremony will
follow with unique certificates awarded to each performer for their hard work and to boost their confidence. If you find you are
not yet ready to attend a scheduled EXP! feel free to call us for a specialized quote to see how we can come to your studio for this
amazing experience!

STUDIO LIVE! Pop-Ups - Start your season off right with one of our economical Pop-ups! You will get the same great
distinction you receive at our Elite Competition series. Events are held earlier in the season and could also be held as a fundraiser
for your studio.

STUDIO LIVE! Elite Competitions - The STUDIO LIVE! dance competition series showcases online registration, three levels
of competition, fifteen categories, specialty awards, cash prizes, LIVE! judge’s feedback and much more. Get ready to experience
amazing with STUDIO LIVE! this season.

STUDIO LIVE! Master Classes at select events - Join STUDIO LIVE! for our Master Classes, conveniently placed
in-conjunction with our events to optimize your dance weekend. Take a class with industry leaders for a fun and exhilarating
master session. Learn from the best and sharpen your skills from industry leaders you aspire to be.


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Date(s): March 9, 2019

Location: Cosby High School • Midlothian, VA

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Placement Awards

  • All routines receive a Rating Ribbon
  • All 1st place solo, duets, trios, groups and lines receive a trophy
  • 2nd through 5th place receive a plaque

Setting the Barre Specialty Awards

  • Choreography - This high honor is given to the choreographer who created the routine that had the most impressive choreography of the competition. 
  • Technique - The technique award is given to the group, line, or production routine that demonstrated the most outstanding technique. This is based on judges' recommendation.
  • Entertainment - This is awarded to the most entertaining routine of the competition. 
  • Costume - This is awarded to the best costume based on design, originality, fit, and appropriateness. This is based on judges' recommendation.
  • Judges Choice - This is awarded to a group, line, or production routine displaying outstanding qualities during their performance.
  • STUDIO LOVE! - This fun award will be awarded to the studio that shows the most love to fellow studios. This can be done in many ways. STUDIO LIVE! judges, instructors, and staff will be on the look out for a studio using the most creative ways to show support at every competition.
  • Educator - This educator award will be given to one studio owner/teacher at each competition based on nominations and outstanding educational practices. Studio owner/teacher nomination forms must be submitted on StudioLiveDance.com to be eligible.
  • Studio Spotlight - This prestigious award will be presented to a studio chosen based on judges' recommendation, showmanship and the scores of the top five group, line and production routines.
  • Select Cash Awards & Scholarships

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Download 2019 STUDIO LIVE! Rules & Regulations - Click Here!

“We were happy to be a part of the inaugural competition for STUDIO LIVE!. It was different than most others and we enjoyed it! We are very humbled and grateful to receive the Setting the Barre Award from STUDIO LIVE!. It was a great honor!”
- Staci Shanton, Owner of Transitions School of Dance
(Setting the Barre Program of the Year Winner)