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Dance Classic and State Dance Classic competitions are hosted at various middle school, high school and auditorium locations across the country. They are AmeriDance’s most economical events and are fundraisers for the host school or organization.

5 Reasons to Host a Dance Classic:

#1 It's a fundraising opportunity for your team! AmeriDance will go over all of the different ways to raise funds for your organization as a host!

#2 It will be fun! Your team, coaches and parents will bond over helping the event be the best that it can be!

#3 Hosting an AmeriDance competition will get you involved in your community through connecting to dance programs in your area and meeting new teams! An event also provides volunteering opportunites to your local community, with the ability to help the competition be a success!

#4 It's an opportunity to showcase your organization through performance, and building awareness of your dance program.

#5 As a host you earn discounts to a Dance National/InterNational competition* of your choosing!

*List of National/InterNational competition options will be provided.

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